Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Experiences

For the past couple of weeks, I've been opening up my creative outlet, just to see what will pop out. So here are a couple of things I have been doing!

My first pie ever! And trust me, it was quite delish!

My painting is finally done! I call it... The Dancing Tree. I loved making this, although it did take me forever!

Today I went to observe pediatric physical therapy, and it was so different from adult outpatient. Most of the kids I saw had developmental disorders. My favorite was a little girl who had cerebral palsy, and loved dora the explorer. She was such a smiley and silly girl. I'm not sure how I feel about peds PT for me, but I really liked observing the sessions because the PTs try to make everything fun and a game for the children. And they are all so gosh darn cute!

I haven't been very computery this summer. I will try to blog more!


  1. that pie is so cute and delish! and i love looking at your painting every day!

  2. Gosh! What a picture, you have depicted of pt and a little girl who has cerebral palsy.
    The almighty most bless her and many thanks go to pt for keeping them with fun and game.

  3. um, that pie looks amazing and so does the finished product (painting)!!!! and i like the new background! and you!!!! blog again soon, i want to hear more about your life! even if its just chipmunks!