Monday, July 27, 2009

I shouldn't Publish this Post till I have a Picture of my Pie.

On my time off from work, I’ve been filling my days with fun activities while it’s still summer!

Caramel Apple Pie... delicious!

When’s the last time you took your daughter to the aquarium on a Tuesday? Go.

Brian loving the sharks at the Tulsa Aquarium. They swim over your head, so cool! I touched a stingray.

Some improvements to my room.

I used fabric I got from fabric worm to cover the boxes and lamp. And who doesn’t love some bright flowers in a window!

Alvin, Simon, and Theodore.
I’ve been doing my independent study in the chipmunk lab this summer, and they’re just so darn cute I wanted to show some pics!

Can I have four beers?

Sittin on a rope.

Baby Chipmunk!!

He fell asleep while trying to eat this pellet.


  1. 1. i cant wait to try that pie! it looks amazing!
    2. i love that picture of the corner of your room. it looks so serene, peaceful and beautiful

  2. your pies look delicious! and i don't even really like pie!

  3. they do!!! and i LOVE pie! haha

    I like the pictures of the chipmunks - helps bring a sense of reality to your stories. :)

    I misss yooooou!

  4. hahahahahahaha

    i laughed so hard at your chipmunk pictures, especially the one sitting on a rope!

    miss you, and see you in around a week!